Client Feedback

Customer's opinion

The installation was easy since is a plug-in model. The device connected immediately with app. The app several nice features. One of which alerts when completed charging and duration. Another feature assigning user codes to deter unauthorized to connect to the charger. The light bar identifies the status of the charger.
Easy to mount, plenty of cable length.
For the price the cable storage could be improved. We only need half the length so fix mounted half the cable so we could more easily stow it away after use
This charger provides more charge than I really need, but it works great with my car. I did need an electrician to come to-my house and upgrade the plug in in my garage. It works but it will take about 12 hours. With the juice box I can get a full charge (from 16 percent to 100 percent) in about 5 hours. This plugs right in, no problem.