Wallbox VS ChargePoint: Which Charger Supplier is Best?

Wallbox VS ChargePoint: Which Charger Supplier is Best?

11月 15, 2023

Are you the one who doesn’t want to compromise the safety and compatibility of your vehicle when it comes to EV chargers? OR Are you looking for an EV Charger supplier that is reliable in the true sense? A Plethora of options exists in the market to choose from. Among them, the strong competition lies between ChargePoint and Wallbox. We can also refer to the 10 largest electric vehicle charging companies in the US in 2023.

It is imperative to uncover which solution is the best one among them. Fret not; the objective of this article is to highlight every single aspect, including establishment time, products, features, prices, company philosophy, etc. Sounds interesting? Let’s uncover insights!

Wallbox Vs. ChargePoint – Brief Difference

Wallbox, a smart EV charging manufacturing vicinity, first started in year 2015 in Spain. You can get almost any type of EV Charger through this company, including the home EV charger, public EV charger, and business EV charger. Crowd suitability of the Wallbox is notable as it caters to the needs of individuals, businesses, and even the public. 

On the other hand, ChargePoint is also a remarkable and popular EV charging solution. This company specializes in manufacturing software solutions and EV chargers for drivers, fleets, and businesses. The main objective of the company is to make EV charging super convenient and accessible to all. 

Sr. No.Company NameYear EstablishedNationalProductsCompany PhilosophyCrowd Suitability
1WallBox2015SpainHome EV Charger, Business EV Charger, Public EV Charger, Energy Management systemsTo make electric vehicle charging accessible to everyoneCompatible
2Chargepoint2007CaliforniaEV Chargers and Smart Software SolutionsChargePoint’s mission is to make EV charging easy and accessible.Variety of Customer Suitability

Wallbox Vs. ChargePoint – List of Main Differences

A number of differences exist between both notable companies. The main differences for your consideration are as follows:

1. History of Establishment


Eduard Castaneda, along with Enric Asuncion, led the foundation of Wallbox in 2015 through one single-room vicinity in Spain. The first-ever charger of the Wallbox refers to the Commander.  

In 2016, the wallbox manufactured a new charger referred to as Pulsar. In the same year, wallbox started expanding its customer base by strengthening relations with notable car manufacturers. 

Wallbox introduced its first app with the name “myWallbox” in 2017. This ultimately led to the launching of the copper line of chargers. After this, wallbox started expansion globally.  In 2018, the company partnered with Changchun FAWSN. This led to the establishment of new offices in Shanghai and Suzhou.

In 2019, Wallbox opened up offices in Palo Alto in North America and launched Quasar. The Quasar refers to the smallest bi-directional charger catering to the needs of home charging. Apart from this, in 2020, Wallbox set up foundations in Barcelona. Wallbox acquired Nordic Charger and Electromaps for charger distributor and software solution needs. In the same year, the company built its first fast public charger, Supernova. 

So far, wallbox has a total of 700 employees and over 9 offices around the globe. Wallbox offers services in more than 80 countries worldwide. The main focus of the wallbox is to update and innovate in the EV charging era continuously. 


In 2007, Richard Kelley and Pat Romano led the foundation of ChargePoint. ChargePoint introduced first first-ever charger (A home charger) in 2009. And public charge in the year 2010. The path to innovation continues, and ChargPoint 2012 launched a public charger. 

ChargePoint began partnerships with Nissan and BMW in 2013 and 2014 for EV charger installations. In 2015, ChargePoint also launched a DC fast charger. Slowly, ChargePoint started working on expansion by acquiring Coulomb Technologies in Europe. 

In the year 2017, the company launched fleet management software solutions. Similarly, in 2018, ChargePoint launched a new home charger referred to as the Flex Charger. Using this charger, you can charge your vehicle at different speeds. Later, the company started expansion in Asia and UK. 

To date the ChargePoint refers to the leading EV charging solution provider with over 28k stations alone in Europe and North USA. The company caters to a variety of EV chargers along with mobile apps for convenient station navigation. 

2. Products

Down below, get information on the products that you can get or acquire through Wallbox and ChargePoint. 


The charger products you can get from the wallbox are various. There is every kind of charger catering to the specific power requirements. You can get slow-pace chargers, which refer to home chargers or portable chargers. Options exist to take these chargers with you anywhere you want. These chargers are slower and require sufficient time to charge up completely. 

Apart from this, business chargers are quite fast and are not portable. This charger requires infrastructure and grid connectivity. On the other hand, public chargers are faster than business chargers, and in just five minutes, you can charge up your vehicle. 

Here are some of the prominent chargers, their output power and charging time that you can get from Wallbox:

Sr. No.Charger NameOutput PowerCharging Time
1Pulsar Plus7.2 kW6 hr
2Pulsar Max11 kW3 hr
3Pulsar Pro22 kW2 hr
4Commander 250 kW1 hr
5Copper SB100 kW30 minutes
6Orion200 kW15 minutes
7Quasar 2350 kW10 minutes
8Supernova500 kW5 minutes


A diverse range of solutions exist for EV chargers when it comes to ChargePoint. These solutions cater to the needs of individuals, workplaces/businesses, and fleets. Apart from the chargers listed in the table, you can get the following:

  • ChargePoint CPF50
  • ChargePoint CT4000
  • ChargePoint CT4011
  • ChargePoint CT4021
  • ChargePoint CT4025
  • ChargePoint CP65
  • ChargePoint X1

The power range and the charging time of the above chargers are in the range of 7 to 500 kW and similar to the charging time. You can know the charging time for the specific output power from the table below. 

Sr. No.Charger NameOutput PowerCharging Time
1Home Flex6 – 50 kW12 hr
2Express Plus62.5 kW30 minutes
3Express Plus 2100 kW25 minutes
4Express Plus 3500 kW15 minutes

Products Prices

The product prices vary from product to product depending on the EV charger you are going to select and associated features/ Wall box charger prices lie in the range of $300 up to $6000 or more. For ChargePoint, the prices of the EV chargers lie around $500 up to $8000 or more. This range includes the home or portable charger up to the DC Fast or ultrafast charger. You can choose any specific charger within this range, depending on your needs. 

Factors To Pay Attention To While Choosing EV Charger Supplier

There are multiple things you need to pay attention to while choosing the right EV charger station and supplier. Some of the key things for your consideration are.

1. Brand Credibility

Determine if the brand from which you are going to purchase the EV charger is worth it or not. Find out the number of years the specific company has spent in the market. What does the client or customers of the specific brand think about the supplier? This analysis will help you judge the brand and determine if you can trust it or not. You can protect yourselves from scammers or fraudsters.

2. Compatibility Assessment

Purchasing any kind of charger without sufficient information does not mean you can charge any vehicle with it. Each charger features specific protocols regarding connectors and power support. There are multiple connectors exist, and each vehicle does not support all connectors.

Power supply compatibility is also a major issue. Before selecting or purchasing a charger, please carefully check the compatibility of the charger and purchase a suitable DC charging station. This way, you can ensure that the vehicle battery or charging system has a longer working life.

3. Offered Prices

The company or EV charger manufacturer you are going to select offers different prices. Dont compromise the quality over cheap prices. Determine the balance between the both by checking out the product standards. The supplier which offers both of these features considered as the qualitative and reliable one.

Some manufacturers offer cheap products that are below normal standards. Avoid buying products from these manufacturers, as you can put your vehicle’s life and battery system at risk. Such chargers also have a shorter life.

4. Customer Support

Customer support is the key to clearing all confusion and achieving satisfaction. The suppliers or manufacturers that offer 24/7 support are reliable ones. Before finalizing the purchase, you can ask anything that you have in your mind. Apart from this, after purchasing the product, the manufacturer that copes with the maintenance and after-sales service is considered the best. 


The above article has clarified the concepts between the two brands wallbox and Chargepoint. After reading insights into the product, pricing, company history, goals, features, and more. In some ways, a wallbox is preferable, and in some ways, a ChargePoint is preferable. Now you can make an informed decision between these two brands given by PIWIN.

Feel free to share your thoughts on what you think about the two brands and for this article. You can use the comment section for this purpose. For any assistance reach out or comment questions below for quick and effective assistance. 

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